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John 00 Fleming has always been known or his forward thinking and upfront approach to both Dj’ing and producing.

SOMY are very proud to be able to present to you a very rare and exclusive classics set from John this Easter Saturday – 16th April 2022.

John 00 Fleming continues to this day, to play to sell out crowds all over the world, and is famous for his OTC sets OPEN TILL CLOSE, John really loves 8-12 hour sets!

Sadly we just don’t have the space for him to do that at SOMY, but as one of the most forward thinking DJ’s on the planet, which is also evident in his productions where he is meticulous over every hi-hat and every sound in fact, John will deliver the tracks that made him such a STAND OUT DJ all through the 90’s.

And of course that aura continues to this very day until now. In fact his career spans over 30 years and in that time he has never dishonoured his fans, but stayed true to the music.

He changed the name of his acclaimed radio show ‘Global Trance Grooves’ to ‘Joof Radio’ a few years ago (JOOF is the name of the mighty record label he runs) as his style of trance is far from the ‘sell out’ euro trance which over time has tainted the word trance, and whilst what he plays IS trance, some of it could also be called melodic techno/progressive house if you feel the need to pigeon hole his style. And style is something John has oodles of, his sets take you on a journey that very few DJ’s are capable of doing-he is one of the biggest credits to the industry, and we are honoured that he agreed to play a classics set for us-it’s very rare, so you will not want to miss out! John is one of the nicest and most sincerest DJ’s you will ever meet..,..long may his amazing journey continue!

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